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Our Story: Inner_about
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Our Story


Independent Retailer Group was inspired by YOU!  

We are a group of indie healthcare retailers that serve healthcare heroes.  We are scrub boutiques unlike the rest; we are passionately engaged and customer service obsessed.  We collectively have centuries of experience in pampering and serving YOU. 


 We have listened, learned and studied what you are asking us for.  We have come together to create scrub collections that you WANT with all the things you're asking for - and nothing more.


We are pioneering a change in our industry to bring you products that focus solely on YOU; to bring you the best fit, premium quality, with an even more amazing price.

We have carefully and deliberately designed

the fit, choose the fabrics, engineered the styles, and added the features you have been asking us for.  You have spoken, we have listened, and we have delivered! 

IRG's products are ONLY exclusively available at our retail indie boutiques & online shops.

The Elevate Collection was just the beginning, then the Edge Collection expanded into mens and a more group friendly offering.  Now the Elite Collection that blends fashion trend with sporty vibes.  We strive to build a relationship that actually cares about YOU and hears YOU!

Our Story: TeamMember
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